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road trip wedding vows.

high up on my grocery list for my future husband is “someone i can have adventures with.”
a corollary to that is “someone who is fun on road trips.” because “adventure” does not necessarily mean a road trip; we can have adventures anywhere.
i love road trips. and the way i see it, when they’re done right, the destination and the things done there are hardly ever as much fun as the actual time in the car.
i didn’t always feel this way.
i never got homesick at camp, but i definitely got homesick on family vacations. i still do; on fall break this year i actually missed CIU, and that’s saying something.
putting my family together in a car is like putting baking soda and vinegar in a bottle and shaking it up. only the van doesn’t shoot up in the air. from what music to listen to, where to stop to eat and who has to sit in the back with matthew to the more serious we-missed-our-exit-what-do-we-do, everything results in someone getting mad at someone. and when i would try to be positive, or if i was calm when everyone else was agonizing that we were lost, everyone(except my mom) would get annoyed with me.
so naturally i grew up associating “road trip” with “everyone’s yelling and nothing is fun”. i had no idea that anything else existed.
thankfully i got older and started getting out in the world. and by that i just mean started taking trips with my friends. i learned that i’m the most fun person in the world to have in a car, that getting lost is fun, that people can actually last eight hours in a car with no unkind words said to anyone.
basically this is how i look at life, or this part of it anyways:
1. road trips are my favorite way to bond with people. if we don’t know each other that well, i will make sure we do if we ever get to be in a car together for a significant length of time.
2. i love getting lost. that means you get to see even more things than you had planned!
3. the longer the better.
4. unless it involves a serious injury, anything can be laughed about for some reason.

and that is how number 9 ended up on my list. i guess that’s not that high up, but it’s the next to last of my “reasonable non-negotiables”.
i hadn’t thought about it for a long time until today when someone postedĀ this on facebook.
i got so happy when i read that. i love it. i want that.
i want my future family road trips to be good memories.
i don’t want to be the reason my kids hate going to see their relatives.
i want my kids to like getting lost. (when i was little i was terrified of that. not because of the actual getting lost part, but because of the resulting fight that mom and dad would get into)
and i want long times in the car to remind them why they love their family, instead of why they can’t wait to go to college.
all this to say: my future husband, whoever and wherever he is, loves seeing places, is the most chilled out person in the world, is a bit better with directions than i am, knows new car games that i don’t, and knows how to laugh. which all adds up to being good at road tripping. =]


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