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i heart ciu teachers.

i’ve been meaning to do a series of posts like this for a while, and after the only things i rated really high on the student surveys had to do with faculty and Bible classes, i figured now is as good a time as any to do it.
if i were ever to leave CIU the only thing i would really miss would be my teachers. i could find everything else anywhere else, but i’ll fight anyone who says they can find a school with better people running the show than CIU.
here’s just a few reasons why.
1. they LOVE what they’re doing.
aside from maybe poor dr dan and lame CIU 101(or LOL as i called it while i suffered through it) which no one would enjoy teaching so he is not at fault there, i have yet to be in a class where the professor wasn’t really passionate about what they taught. some of them you have to get to know to see it, others you walk in the room and after listening for two minutes you want to change your major to whatever they’re talking about.
mcwilliams is my favorite example of that. i love his classes just because he gets so excited when he touches on something that he thinks is really cool and wants to make sure we get. everyone should take romans in the summer just for this; it’s his favorite class and he has more time to get really into everything.(plus if there was any class to have only that to focus on for two weeks, that’s the one)
and even though i hated his class, wenger really is good at this. his due date policy is really bad for some people and i just get bored with english especially when i’ve had the class before, but he does really really like teaching it.
2. they really know their stuff.
i probably wouldn’t appreciate this if i hadn’t gone to charleston southern first and had a few who just didn’t care. and there was one in particular who, not only was he not a very good teacher but he felt the need to drill it into our heads every day that he was a DOCTOR not a professor.
not only do ciu people know what they’re talking about, but they’re ridiculously humble. some of them have way more bragging rights than the one who i’ll be nice and not say who he was, but they choose to give all their glory to God and encourage us to do the same.
i remember at the end of last year when dr blewett talked to our class chapel(i went to freshman ones because that was who i lived with). he reminded us that we would be going home with more Bible knowledge than probably any of our friends, but that that knowledge is a gift from God that we needed to use carefully.
all professors are smart; not all of them are wise. we have the second kind here.
3. they care about us.
true, most professors at most christian schools care about their students, but at least at CSU it was in a general, distant sense. they couldn’t remember any names outside of class(some of them couldn’t even when they saw us in class) and they wouldn’t know how any of them were doing(unless maybe if they were failing, but even then they don’t actually care, they’re just required by some high-up person to inform them in an impersonal, prewritten email).
at CIU they care. they honestly want to know every one of their students. obviously they don’t have time to track down every single person and have a conversation with them, so the ones who make an effort are the ones who will get the attention, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to give it.
i’m actually thankful that i have so much trouble in school, because i score a lot of personal meetings this way. alllll my teachers know who i am. ;]
some are better with names than others, some can’t place you just because they teach you and a million others in hoke, but all of them really really legit-ly care about all the million students they teach. and if you give them a chance to care about you individually, they’ll take it.
why else would dr layman eat breakfast in the caf every morning? believe me, he could get much better eggs at home.

so as i find time, i’m writing separate posts about each of my specific favorites. i do have an ordered list…but in case any of them somehow stumbles across this and gets hurt that they’re number 6 instead of 1, i’ll write them alphabetically. =]


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