stories about life and God

venting=the christian word for gossip.

this is a rule that people should think about. it’s been in my drafts since february 2011 and i just found it, so right now i can’t think of anyone in particular who’s been doing this…which is good because i don’t like when people post things sounding like they’re directed at the general public but they really have one person in mind that they hope reads it. all this to say, this actually is just to whom it may concern(i.e people who may have a habit of doing the thing i’m about to talk about).
A. “venting” aka dumping everything about a person that you won’t say to them, is gossip unless you’re venting to God.
B. i am not God.
C. venting to me is the same thing as gossiping.
i’m not sure that i did that right(gentry?) but i had fun with it.
i don’t repeat things people tell me. ever. i don’t care if you specify that it’s the biggest secret since sliced bread, or if it was some insignificant thing that everyone know, or even if you say, “tell everyone you know if you feel like it”, i won’t. i just don’t talk about other people’s business.
people tell me lots and lots of things for this very reason. which isn’t a problem. i do care. i’m a psych major, after all.
now. i LOVE listening. as hard as it may be to believe, i really do like it better than talking.
but here’s the thing, the thing that i hate, the thing that happens all too often and i wish would stop.
you are person A.
imagine that person B comes and tells you something super important and tells you not to tell anyone.
do NOT come and tell me what B told you. yes, the telephone will stop with me, but 1)B might not know that, and would probably hate you for telling me, and 2)this makes you a really sucky friend and B does not deserve you.
and my selfish reason for hating this situation is that i will go nuts for about a week. i’ll be wrestling with whether or not to tell B that you’re a rat(somehow i still care that A trusts me, so i probably won’t, but i’ll feel bad for B) i’ll start worrying about B even if i don’t know them, and i’ll assume that A has done the same thing with everything i’ve ever told them, and start having nightmares about who might know certain things.
this is only the case when someone tells me some big secret, not a minor little thing. i’m not THAT paranoid and untrusting of people.
but seriously. i will listen for hours while you tell me all your business that you want and i’ll never tell a single person.. but it isn’t good for anyone involved if you talk about other people, to me or to anyone else. it’s either gossip or breaking the other person’s trust, and both aren’t good things.
just a thought.


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