stories about nothing and everything

my 48% N.

this is one of those “linda thinks out loud and posts it without caring whether anyone reads or cares about it” posts. (as usually, that disclaimer means that if you came looking for an inspirational thought about life, God, the universe and everything, you should go here, or here, or maybe here, or really anywhere else but here. but if you have a minute, you can read this too. =p )
so i’ve taken myers-briggs six times in my life. and i’m always an ESFP. (i ramble about that here)
i’m 52% S and 48% N, and as many times as i’ve taken the test, i always come out as an S but they’re always super close.
since they both describe me pretty equally, i never got the difference.
then this summer, we took a whole bunch of personality tests. we didn’t actually take the myers-briggs but we learned the specifics of each letter.
this is how deanna describes S vs N.
Sensing people are concrete. they see what’s right in front of them. they’re more focused on the here and now than the future.
iNtuiting people are abstract. they see possibilities. they think about the future.
i already knew all that. but both of those sound like me.
then deanna gave this example.
if you hand an S a rock, they’ll think “hmm, okay, a rock. cool?” they see what they take in with their senses.
if you hand an N a rock, they’ll see what the rock represents. they’ll think “oh dang. this could have been a piece of some great big mountain.” or “oh hey, i wonder how many kids have kicked this down the street?” etc etc. because they intuit things about things.
sidenote, i figured out why the test asks which you remember better, names or faces.
an S would remember a face. they see it…and that’s it.
an N would remember a name. because they make associations. so they’d see a face and remember what it meant.
so i thought about that, and decided that i’m still an S, who likes to act like an N.
see, if i’m not trying or thinking about it, i just see concrete things at first. but i WANT to see the heart of things, and i like analyzing things and finding meaning in things. so i can be an N when i want to be.
but when someone says something that could be read into and taken personally and used to start a fight, i hear it for what they said and take it as that. without thinking.
or if i meet someone who used to be one way but is now another, i just see what they are now and don’t let what they used to be matter.
or if you ask for my opinion, i won’t think about what you want to hear or what you might mean aside from the exact words you said; i’ll answer exactly what i mean to exactly what it sounds like you asked.
because i’m an S. =]


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