stories about nothing and everything


this is one of those posts where i ramble about my favorite something. so i’m not talking about those things on railroad tracks, or about what i have to do to get ready for our next meet in eight days; this is about my second favorite band.
one thing i love about my church is that instead of having the usual awkward greeting time where the pastor gives you a few minutes to go around and shake random people’s hands, my pastor at ignition gives us a fun question to answer with a few people around us. it usually ties in with the message somehow. this week he asked us if we had to be on a desert island for 25 years, and we could choose one band to listen to for that whole time, who would we choose?
at the time i said ingrid michaelson because i had a headache, and ingrid michaelson is tylenol in music form.
and while she would be a good choice, train would be a better life decision.
i discovered them my senior year on my pandora station dedicated to weezer. i remember at the time i was trying to find a band that leighanne hadn’t heard of. since i had never heard of them until Parachute popped up that day, i assumed they were super obscure, and i sent this to her wall:

and then she replied with this:

and that was when i realized that that hey soul sister song on all the commercials was by them…i was so clueless.
anyways. they are the perfect choice to listen to for 25 years straight. they’ve got catchy stuff, motivating stuff, i-know-exactly-how-you-feel-today stuff, slow stuff for falling asleep. almost every playlist on my ipod has at least one of their songs on it. so if i get tired of one song, i just switch to another of their sounds. (i.e, if Cab has been in my head for a week, i can put on Meet Virginia, Save the Day, etc etc for a while)
they have something for every day. so no matter what mood i was in or what style i felt like hearing, train would have the solution.

i know you don’t see me like a movie star, and it can’t help much that i don’t have no car
but you’re my favorite thing by far; that’s gotta count for something.
i’m not in it to win it; i’m in it for you.
will you remember me? cuz i won’t forget you.
this ain’t goodbye, this is just where love goes when words aren’t warm enough to keep away the cold.
this ain’t goodbye, it’s not where our story ends, but i know you can’t be mine, not the way you’ve always been.
as long as we’ve got time, this ain’t goodbye.
when i pull myself together again, i’m gonna give myself to you.
i will run with all your changes and i’m always on your side
and there’s no word i’ve ever heard that’ll make me change my mind. 


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