stories about life and God

forgetting what is behind…

i love to remember things. even with not-so-nice things, i usually have some good lesson to remember from them.

but there are a few things that i ask God every day to let me forget.

whenever i share my testimony with someone, i’m reminded why he won’t do that for me.

you know that little story about the footprints on the beach, and the person asks God why the hardest times have only one set of footprints and that’s where God carried them? my beach doesn’t have any of mine. it’s all God. although at a couple points, there may be a trail of mine running to the ocean in hopes of a shark eating me…but then you’d see two long lines where God grabbed me and dragged me back.

when people hear my story, everyone has the same opinion at the end. worded or expressed in very different ways. my favorite reaction is the question of “how in the world are you still here?” because i wonder that myself. today during practice i thought of the best answer i could.

the more 5k’s i run, the more i’m finding that i can survive the next one. i can tell myself, “i’ve done this before. as much as it feels like it, this last mile isn’t actually gonna kill me.” i don’t like it anymore than the others. it isn’t any easier than the other times. but i do know that i’ll be okay when it finally ends. so i keep at it.

that’s exactly how my life is. if i were to forget where i’ve already been, i would give up. but the fact that i already got through so much crap gives me hope for any current and/or future crap. i still hate it and wish i didn’t have to be in it, but i’m not quitting.


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