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more sleep, or more friends…

sophomore year, i never slept until everyone else on the hall was in bed. i still got up at 7 every morning.
i was never tired.

this year. i’ve for real in my whole life never this consistently gotten eight hours of sleep every night. but i go to bed at 9 or 930, even on the rare nights when i don’t have to get up at 530 the next morning.
i’ve never been this tired for this long. no matter how much i sleep, whether it’s six hours or ten, i’m exhausted from the minute i get up to around 9 when i can’t hold my head up for one more minute even if i try.

that doesn’t make sense.

when they say extroverts get their energy from people, i always figured that meant emotional energy. like i get really sad and stressed if i’m alone for long periods of time. okay, for half an hour or longer.

but. i’m alone most of the time, and i’m tired most of the time. then today, i was with people all day, and i haven’t been tired all day. sophomore year i was always with people and never tired. at camp i’m always with people and never tired.

i think my physical energy might come from people too. if that’s even possible.

just a thought.


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