just a thought.


i’ve never been a morning person. you know how most kids get up early when they’re real young? i wasn’t like most kids, at least at an age that i was old enough to remember.

true the world was made for morning people, and they’re the ones who get 4.0 gpa’s and make six figure salaries someday, but night people have the most fun. think about it: mornings on youth retreats or at camp are never the times you remember the most. the highlight of a sleepover is not waking up the next morning. no big movie has ever premiered at 5 am. fun times come at 10 pm or later.

but, ever since my sophomore year when i came to ciu where you have almost no choice but to have morning classes, i’ve made it my goal to become one of those people who wakes up early without trying and gets things done before noon.

after many failed attempts, i’ve finally come to the conclusion that i was not created for mornings.

the only thing i’ve accomplished with my most recent attempt is that i’ve made myself no longer a night person.

i used to be able to run off 6 hours of sleep anytime; sophomore year i went to bed at 1 or 2 and got up at 7 just fine. i’d be tired right when i got up and all through my classes, but around chapel i’d wake up and be totally normal until at least midnight.

now, i go to bed around 9 or 9:30, get up at 5:30, and i’m exhausted all day. and even on the days i get to sleep in(meaning i get up at 7:30), i still can’t stay up hardly past 9. last friday night i went to bed at 8:00. i haven’t done that since the 2nd grade.
i’m consistently getting eight hours of sleep every night, plus i’m getting that hour of exercise all the napkin holders in the caf say you should get, and i have about half the energy that i did in the days when i only slept if i felt like it.

this makes no sense to me.


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