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oh wait, i DO love running!

if you know me at all, you know that i hate getting sick or hurt, and when i do, it takes about a 14 on a 1-10 pain scale to get me to admit it. i’ll go on a youth retreat with a 101 fever, stay at camp for a week with the flu, dance for a year with tendonitis, and play soccer on a sprained ankle, with a broken finger, with a dislocated thumb, with a concussion…you get my point. i keep on trucking. there’s too much fun in life to put it on pause.

due to my need to be in constant motion, on the rare times when i get sick enough or hurt bad enough that i have to stop, i go crazy.

this is most obvious right now, because in my right mind, i would never miss running.

last thursday i rolled my ankle. and being me, i ran 3 more miles and pretended nothing happened. i woke up the next morning hurting worse, woke up saturday, felt fine and raced, woke up on sunday hurting again, woke up on monday and couldn’t walk.

so now we’re here…and ALL i want to do is run.

i think i may love this.

a month ago i would have been thrilled to have an excuse to be lazy, this morning i cried because i couldn’t do mile repeats.
every other race, i’ve at some point wished i was dead, and been happy to be done with it at the end. last saturday though, with every mile i felt better and better, and at the end, i was sad and wanted to do it all over again.
last monday(like a week and a half ago), i ran five miles, on my own, just for fun. FOR FUN. running is not fun. is it?

when i so reluctantly signed my commitment forms on the last day of school, i told myself i was not going to become one of those crazy people who runs when they aren’t 1-being made by a coach, 2-playing some sport with a point, or 3-involved in a heist.

oops. guess i lost that bet. but the good thing about making bets with yourself is that if you look at it the right way, you always win. so i’m always happy. =]


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