just a thought.

one more reason to never complain.

after listening to my teammates complain about being up at 6 am, suffering through mile repeats, or running in the heat, all i’ve been able to think is, try going nowhere on a bike in the air conditioning behind dr dan for a week.

and so i’ve realized, no matter where you are and how much you hate it, someone somewhere would give anything to be there.

if you have six projects due in one week, remember all your friends who couldn’t afford to come back this semester.

if you’re sick of people coming in your room all the time, remember the people in single rooms who never see anyone ever.

if you’re sick of caf food, remember all the people downtown with no food.

you get the idea.

i may be stuck inside going nowhere, but at least my legs still work. at least i can run again someday. at least my coach cares enough to force me to be patient and get better instead of pushing me to start back the second the pain gets bearable.

just a thought.


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