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thoughts for this rainy monday morning.

1. it’s RAINING!!!!! some people think rain is depressing or at least puts a slight damper on their mood, or it makes them sleepy and unproductive. i do see their point, but i also think it’s just like how some people like chocolate and i don’t. i LOVE rain. it looks and sounds so beautiful and it smells good and while it helps me sleep at night, it doesn’t make me drag during the day. it keeps me alert because i want to watch it.
and today i’m going to play in it because…

2. MY ANKLE IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!! i can already tell i’m not going to be focused in any of my classes today because i’m too excited about getting to run later. i’ve gone absolutely stir crazy this week. i know exercise experts would qualify my 30 minutes a day biking in the gym as “physical activity”, but i don’t. the only thing dumber than running is running/biking and not going anywhere. i don’t want to stare at a wall, i want to see trees and cars and people go by. and dang it i want some fresh air. the smell of the gym is doing things to my head.

3. i’m currently sitting in the library, warm and dry, watching the rain out the window, and laughing at all the people running out of their classes screaming(i wasn’t the only one totally not expecting rain), and it’s the funniest thing. as i say to my campers, it’s just water falling out the sky; you won’t melt if it hits you.

4. to function properly, i need two things: motion and company.
i normally associate people with my emotional sanity and exercise to my physical sanity. i get lonely and restless without either of them. but it turns out they both relate to both things.
i already ranted in another post about how important people are to my physical energy. but sort of oppositely, i discovered this week how much i need physical activity for my brain to work right.
all last week, i was in the worst mood. i was understandably frustrated having to watch my friends run while i sit on a bike and watch boy meets world, but i didn’t get why everything was pissing off and/or making me cry.

i got progressively crankier until finally on thursday when i started blowing up at people, i decided to google it. i thought, yes running makes me happy, but the lack of it can’t be making THIS big of a difference in my mood? right?

oh also i wasn’t hungry all week. i’d go to the caf and get food just because that’s what normal people do, then i’d sit down, take two bites and just not want to eat anymore.
so. i did a little research and found that if your body is used to getting lots of vigorous exercise(i.e running 5-7 miles a day for weeks), then you abruptly stop that routine, your hormones can get screwed up. possible results? irritable mood, loss of appetite, fatigue…and others but they didn’t apply to me.
so yeah…i need to be with people to wake up, and i need to run to focus and be happy and calm.

5. i’m so looking forward to this easy week of school. i only have three days of classes because tuesday is a prayer day, and friday starts FALL BREAK!!!! my goal is to take all this excited energy and throw it into studying so i can do all my homework for the week tonight. but as i tend to do, i’ll probably just run a few extra miles instead.

6. my computer charger fell off my loft and broke, so until wednesday or thursday when my new one comes in, i’m stuck using the laptops in the library…which is good because i’ll either stay in my room where i have no computer and therefore nothing to do but work, or camp out in the library where there are people.
7. i did an experiment one day at camp and counted how many hugs i got. on that particular day, i got 124 but i thought that wasn’t fair because not only did i have the most precious campers in the world that week who wanted to hug me several times an hour anyways, i also thought of the idea at the breakfast table and said it out loud, so my girls spread the word and soon the whole camp knew that i was counting, so everybody came and hugged me all the time and asked what the count was.
so i counted secretly another day a few weeks later and got 48.
last week i wondered how many i get in a day at school. so i counted, and that day i got zero, so i extended the experiment to the whole week. i got five. in three days, because on two days i got none.
i’m so lonely. but in keeping with my post on perspective, at least i have friends somewhere, even if they aren’t with me now.

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