stories about life and God

things that matter.

so i’ve spent a very productive day catching up on(read: starting) my online class on philippians, since everything about it has given me reason to push it aside and do other homework(it’s just 1 credit, and the only deadline i have is to finish the course by december 14th at 5 pm).
one of my study questions asked me to list the things that have happened in the past 24 hours that won’t matter in the grand scheme of my life, and what will matter.

it doesn’t matter that i didn’t beat my PR yesterday, and it doesn’t even especially matter that i did pass that one girl at the end(though that little victory has totally made up for any possible disappointment i may have felt about my time); it matters that i did it all with a smile on my face. it matters that i got to encourage my team. it matters that i have such great people to spend so many hours with every week.

it doesn’t matter that i didn’t get to do what i originally wanted with my break; it matters that i chose to sleep in, study, run, clean, and be with people instead of hiding in my room sulking and complaining.

perspective is fascinating. i think the biggest thing i’m learning this semester, despite all the time i spend in class, is how to make anything in life look good.


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