stories about nothing and everything

the best textbook.

i rarely tell the truth when people ask what my favorite book is.

if a kid asks, i say Holes.
if someone my age asks, i say Mystic River.
if an “adult” asks(quotey marks being because i keep forgetting that i AM an adult, but here i’m talking about parent age people), i say Marley and Me.

but none of those is really it.

my favorite book is the Bible.

good little church kid/eternal camp counselor/Bible college student that i am, most people don’t take that seriously. and i admit it does sound like a knee jerk sunday school answer, something you’d say in a job interview or to your significant other’s parents.

much like when people ask what my favorite part of camp is and i say “the campers,” or what my favorite part of school is and i say “my teachers,” i’m being honest, but people don’t get it. sometimes they’ll even say “well that doesn’t count. what’s your real favorite?”

dude it totally counts. it’s the coolest book in the world. besides the fact that it has everything in it(stories. poetry. history. answers for every little facet of life. ev-er-y-thing), GOD wrote it. to US. who wouldn’t want to read that?
one of my study questions for my class on philippians asked me to discuss why people think bible study is boring. my answer was something like “i believe that anyone who thinks studying the Bible is boring is doing it wrong.” i used to be that kid. but i think i may write a whole other post about that, because there’s too much to that story to throw in the middle of what i meant to be a short post..

two of my cabin leaders in particular had a real love for the word. and seeing how excited they were about it made me want to understand it that much more. that’s one more reason why i love acteens: when i do Bible study with the little ones, they don’t get it when i start rambling. the older ones WANT to hear my long tangents, and they’re able to teach me things too. some of my favorite times at camp have been when i’ve gotten to sit with my girls and talk about our favorite verses.

so the moral of the story is, i’m not kidding or trying to sound good. i really love this book that much.

one last confession: even if you asked my favorite fiction book, i’d still be stretching the truth if i answered any of those three above; but most people my age would get a good laugh if i answered the sisterhood of the traveling pants. one of my many secrets. =]


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