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who needs sleep or coffee?

this morning i got up at 4 am. first and last time i’ve ever done that in my life.

like normal humans are at the butt crack of dawn, my poor team was dead when we all got on the road…but bless their hearts, i was kid-on-christmas-morning excited. i love them a lot for not throwing me off the bus. =)

around 6 when we stopped, coach ashley asked me, “you’re a morning person aren’t you?” and i said i had no clue how i was so awake.

but since everyone was asleep and i wasn’t allowed to talk until 7, i had plenty of time to think, and i came up with a clue.

i’m definitely not a morning person; i’m just a people person.

at camp, i’m high as a kite at 7 am every day no matter how late i was up the night before. my kids hate me in the morning. =p

on youth retreats, i was always the last one asleep. i’d stay up until the last leader finally needed to sleep and sent us all downstairs, then talk from my bed to the last few awake ones until they fell asleep. and as soon as i was the only one up, i’d suddenly feel exhausted.

so whether i’m waking up at 4 am, or staying up until 4 am, as long as i’m around my friends, i’m never tired.

which is why, even on a bus full of sleeping people, you’ll find me wide awake. =)

i wrote more about this a while ago…so if you feel like hearing more of my ramblings, go here.


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