parts of my whole story.

things people wonder.

my facebook bio doesn’t say very much in it, on the principle that if we’re facebook friends, you should have heard these things in real life from me.
but due to random people favoriting the tweets i share my posts in, i decided i should write some super basic “about me” type things somewhere. and maybe then, the random people will feel like they know me and want to come back and read more of my other stuff later. if not, well, maybe the ones who do read it will learn something new today. =]

1. my name is linda. my parents have no clue in the world how they chose that; they’d had another name picked out for years before they even knew i would exist, and somehow changed their minds at some point. but i like linda better than julie(no offense to my best friend’s mom, and anyone else who may have that name), so it worked out.

2. i am a senior, not a junior, at columbia international university. that’s in south carolina if you didn’t know. i went to charleston southern my freshman year, and after not only hating it there but also getting bad grades and losing my scholarships, i transferred to ciu.
most people at ciu think i’m a junior because i came in with that class and lived on a freshman hall with them.
most people in the rest of the world also think i’m a junior…but they usually mean in high school.

3. i’m majoring in youth ministry. i don’t want to be a youth pastor at a church, but i love youth and i love ministry, and we have cooler professors than any other program, so i’m here. i love everything about what i’m learning and how i’m learning it and who i’m learning it from.

4. people are always asking me what i want to be when i grow up nowadays, only they phrase it in a scarier way: “what are you going to do after you graduate?” i’ve finally come up with an acceptably clever answer: “ask God and tell me what he says.” that sounds better and more responsible than “i have no idea, i’ll figure it out in 309 days.”
but if you ask what i want to do, i’ll tell you i want to change the world and i want to be a mom.

5. camp la vida is where my heart lives right now, and has for going on eleven summers. i went there for five years as a camper and this will be my sixth on staff. there’s nothing i love more than pouring into those campers’ lives, showing them how much they’re loved, and getting them excited about what God is doing. i am who i am because of what that place did for me as a messed up 13-year-old, and i’ve been ridiculously blessed to help do the same for so many other girls.

6. similarly to how i love working at camp because i loved going to camp, i love to write because i love to read. i share my stories because it blesses me so much when other people share theirs. i don’t write just to see my own words; whether i help someone see some truth, teach someone something new, get someone to think, or just make someone laugh, i want to do something good for people.

someday i’m going to write something important that everyone will read. but for now, i hope you like what you see here! =]


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