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dream jobs.

the best thing about being a senior: taking only 13 credits. i’ve never enjoyed school more than i do now that i have time to enjoy it.
the worst thing about being a senior: being asked eight times a day “what are you doing after you graduate?”
well, i don’t know yet. but for the sake of giving an answer, here’s what i’d like to do. in a perfect world, i would…

1. be a full-time cabin leader. recruit campers and staff from august to may, then spend the summers at camp.
2. live in a house full of teenage girls that no one else loves. listen to their stories and tell them mine. help them fix up all their scars that everyone else has either not cared enough to notice, or seen and run away from.
in short, laugh together. cry together. live together.
3. travel the world with IJM and set all the slaves free. then those girls can come live with me too.

by now you’ve probably noticed the same themes that i have: i like helping people, and i really like living with people.
ever since we talked about it in costa rica, i’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of God’s plan for us including all of our passions. so i’ve started listing new combinations of them anytime i think of them.
and i’ve decided that writing is my favorite thing in the world to do. no matter what i’m doing, i have to write about it. it’s how i process things, and being the ridiculous extrovert that i am, i always feel like any experience is wasted if i don’t share it with people. when i learn something new and cool, the first thing i want to do is tell someone about it. when i find a good quote on pinterest, i share it on facebook. and the only reason i wish i had a smartphone is because i see so many things a day that i would instagram.
basically i don’t like to keep anything to myself. obviously i don’t tell everything to everyone, but i do tell everything to someone.
recently i’ve been realizing just how badly God wants me to use that for him. writing in general, but mostly my love of sharing things by writing.
so i thought of one more possibility.

4. go around the world and learn about every possible culture and ministry that i can, then write about everything i learn so that people can read about them, get excited about them, and want to get in on some of them. because another one of my passions is helping other people find theirs, and who knows, someday someone could read about theirs from me.

but no matter which one pans out, i have to finish school first; i’ve made peace with the fact that even though God will never tell me why i’m here(at least not while i’m still here) he most definitely does want me here.
which i still have my complaints about…but now that i know they won’t change God’s mind, i’m working on trying to change mine.

one last thing before i stop writing about life and start writing about Love Wins*: i’ve discovered that writing is the only thing that i like to do alone. everything else in life is always better with company, but i hate to write when there are people in the room, simply because i love people too much to not talk or listen to them if i have the chance. so it frustrates me, as much as i love them, to be around people when i’m seriously trying to put an idea on a page.

*for my theology class. when i finish the book and have my thoughts together i’m sure i’ll have a lot to say here too.


One thought on “dream jobs.

  1. It's so awesome to be able to read about what's going on. I love reading. I could never be a writer like you. I think everyone around me knows my passionate dislike for writing. But I totally love how you know what you're gonna do with your life, even if God hasn't shown you the specific job for it yet. But you're gonna invest in people's lives (most likely a lot of girls), you're gonna write, and you may even travel. You could almost be some kind of travel journalist. But like stay for a while in different places and do work for IJM or just help out in the place you're in.

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