just a thought.

celebrities vs "real" people.

disclaimer#1-i do not watch the bachelor. i do not like the bachelor. i only caught onto all of this because the first eleven tweets on my twitter feed all were mentioning it.
disclaimer#2-i am sort of calling the kettle black…i know i’m always saying that people need to be able to laugh at themselves.
and lastly, disclaimer#3-i’m not calling out anyone or trying to start a debate…just thinking out loud.

okay now, time to stop defending what i’m about to say and actually say something…

so i take a paper writing break and look on twitter for a minute. everybody is talking about this tierra person. i was curious to see how many millions of people hated her, so i searched her name.

thousands and thousands of people are all saying the same things. apparently she’s that girl this season.
but then i scroll down, and i see tierra herself. she tweets “okay people. thank you.”
this made me sad.
then i laughed at myself for feeling bad for her.
and then i started thinking.

now for the record, i haven’t watched the show and don’t know the reason for all the hate, and probably would be saying the same things as everyone else if i had seen it.
i just wondered for a second about how it makes her feel, or how other celebrities feel, to read some of the negative things people say about them online.

yes, she is asking to be made fun of, because she’s on the bachelor. i mean come on. she had to have been expecting this.
no, it’s probably not detrimental to her life that people are saying stupid things.
yes, she’s probably laughing at some or even most of the comments.
no, 99% of the people saying them aren’t thinking about what they’re saying; i doubt anyone is purposely out to hurt her. (although a small few of the tweets i’ve read are seriously cruel and i don’t know how anyone could say things like that and not give even a thought to what they sound like)
yes, i do the exact same thing all the time; how many times have i tweeted my hate for some pitcher just because he struck out one of the red sox?

i’m not sure what my point is here…i don’t have a sermon for you and no one wants that anyways. i’m more just sharing my small, minor revelation
most of us, myself at the top of the list, don’t think of people on tv as real people. people with real stories and real hearts. true, we never see the real them…they’re paid to be whatever people want to see. but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a real person under there somewhere.

just a thought.


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