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forty days without a bed.

i love my bed. i spend as much time in it as possible. i do my homework there, i watch tv there, half the time i eat there. oh, and every once in a while when i decide to sleep, i use it for that too.

because i like mine so much, it makes me really sad to think about people who don’t get to sleep in one every night.

so. since i’ve always wanted to do something for lent(but never pick something in time, or always pick something really lame and decide after a few days that it wouldn’t teach me anything[like chewing gum{cuz that’s just the biggest wedge between me and God, you know}, or wearing makeup{for me that would be like a vegetarian giving up meat}]),

and since i’ve had everything i need every day my entire life and have no clue what it is to suffer,

i’m giving up my bed. starting tomorrow i’ll be sleeping on my floor(or when it gets warmer outside, in my eno) for the next forty nights.


because i’m such an experiential learner that the best way for me to really understand someone’s pain is to go through it.

because i complain way too much about this beautiful life i have and could use some perspective.

because the best way for me to get into the habit of praying for these people who have nothing is to get out of my comfort zone.

because i’m so much more aware of my blessings when i’m without them for a while. after forty days, i’ll never forget to thank God for giving me a comfy place to sleep/do homework/basically live ever again.

things worth noting:
-the whole purpose of lent in general is to either go without something, or do something every day, that will bring you closer to God during the easter season. it doesn’t necessarily have to be something lots of other people are doing, it doesn’t have to make you miserable, but it does need to challenge you. so after thinking about it a lot(and, i’ll admit, googling “ideas for lent”) and landing on all the reasons above, i decided that for me, this works.
-i’m not trying to hurt myself, or realistically put me in the exact situation of someone who doesn’t have a bed; honestly, my floor with its fluffy rug is more comfortable than a dumpster or a cage. i’ll be fine.
-i don’t think that there being hundreds of thousands of people in the world without a bed makes it wrong for me to sleep in one.
-just like vegetarians don’t save any animals by not eating meat, i know my not sleeping in my bed won’t in and of itself help anyone who doesn’t have a bed. that isn’t the point.

basically, i’m not protesting or making any kind of political statement; i’m just challenging myself.

so, that’s that. if you go to ciu and you’re up for an eno party one night in a few weeks, i am absolutely game. =]


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