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upside down.

continuing my thoughts from my last-minute-before-lent post.

just a reminder, i did completely steal this idea from a random site that google gave me when i searched “creative ideas for lent.”

when i first saw “give up sleeping in your bed,” i thought it was crazy. what in the world would be the point?

well. i see this whole idea like turning a familiar picture upside down; it gives you a whole new perspective and forces you to notice different things about it.

so for fun, i made a list of all the different people i could think of that go without this simple luxury that probably none of us, me included, ever stop to imagine not having.

1. homeless people all over america(plenty of them within a mile or two of my school), sleeping under bridges, in dumpsters, on piles of newspapers in alleyways…the list goes on.
2. orphans on the street in third world countries.
3. slaves in india who are kept in cages until someone buys them.
4. plenty of people who have homes but hardly much else; i’ve heard of a camper or two whose bunk at la vida was the first bed they’d gotten to sleep on in months.
5. kids with evil parents who have plenty of money but still treat them like crap.
6. missionaries in some countries. actually, i’m pretty sure the world race team we met in costa rica was sleeping in tents.
7. Jesus. seriously; look up luke 9:58.

i’m sure i could think of more. but really. that right there is the most i’ve ever thought about that.

yes, we all know there are lots of “poor people” out there. but have you ever thought specifically about each individual need that they go without each day?

turn it upside down.


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