stories about life and God

it’s working!

so, i haven’t gotten much sleep the past two nights…but before you say i told you so, it’s not because the floor hurts too much. i’m just scared of the dark and slept on top bunks my entire life, so sleeping down where i can see so much of the room really sucks. just like at camp when i first move into the cabin leader room, i’ll get used to it and be fine in a few days.

well i was telling myself that thursday morning right after i woke up exhausted…then over the next few hours, the tiny cold i’d felt coming on the day before grew into one of those awful colds where your head is so stuffed up it feels like it weighs ten hundred pounds, and all you want to do is lay down. on a pillow.

all that to say, satan is really trying to get me to throw a pity party and give up.

not happening. instead, the slight misery is making me thankful.

for half a second last night i thought “okay, this is stupid. i’m sick, i should get in my bed just for tonight and then tomorrow i’ll start again. i’m not doing this to hurt myself, right?”

but then i thought, homeless people get sick too, and they don’t have the option of taking a night off from staying under a bridge.*

so i laid there and prayed myself to sleep asking God to especially be with anyone out there who’s not only sleeping on the ground in the cold but also sick. and i woke up this morning still sick, still sore and still tired, yet so happy and full.

2 nights down, 38 to go. it’s flying by already, isn’t it? =]

*i did finally end up putting a balled up blanket under my head like an almost-pillow…but i figured, that isn’t cheating because if i lived on the street and needed my sinuses to unclog themselves, i’d lay on a hill or find extra newspapers to put under my head or something.


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