the truest test of friendship.

there are a million and one ways that people say you can know who your best friend is.

the person who’s willing to do the most for you.
the person who knows you the best.
the person who lets you be yourself the most.
the person you can trust the most.

all those are good and well. but my question is, how long do each of those go on describing the same person?
which brings us to what i’ve landed on as the ultimate friendship test: time.

not to say that the person who’s been your friend the longest is automatically defined as your best friend.
but someone who fits those above criteria may not always fit them.
they might one day be jumping to listen to your problems at 2 am, then a year later not care anymore.
they might one day know all your stories, then slowly pay less and less attention, and a year or two later not even know what your major is.
they might love you for who you are at one point, but as you grow and change, decide they only want the you they first met, not the person you’ve become.
and they may at one point respect every personal thing you’ve ever told them, then six months later start sharing those things with other people “for your own good.”

my best friend has passed every one of those tests, month after month, year after year.

we were talking tonight about how scary it is that we’re so grown up now. yesterday(practically) we were all worried about never having boyfriends and never making it into college, today she’s engaged and we’re both about to graduate.
i thought about who we both were when we met, who we’ve been over the years, and who we are today.
growing up doesn’t always mean growing apart.
leighanne was all of the above things when i was this…

…and still is now that we’re this.

(LA did you ever realize how often we take pictures at night in cars?)

and she’d tell you the same about me.

over the past six years, so much has changed about both of us. and our friendship isn’t the same either(we can’t see each other every weekend and facebook chat for two hours every night), but we don’t mind; it’s only gotten better with time.

and the most important things, while they’ll change in how they look, will never change in their simplest, deepest down roots.

i will always be able to be whoever i am, and she’ll love me just the same.
i’ll always be able to trust her, not just to take my secrets to the grave, but to help me deal with them so she won’t have to.
we kind of suck at keeping in touch day to day…but she still knows me best.

and i’ll always do the same for her.

we never have all the answers for each other. but we sit in the mess together until we figure out how to get it cleaned up, and that’s more help than anyone else would ever be able to give us.

anytime i wonder whether we’ll someday outgrow each other, God steps in and shows me one more reason why he won’t let that happen. we are best friend soulmates, made to be partners in crime til the day we die…or until we get so old we forget each other. =]


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