moving day…

blogger has done one too many annoying things to me, so i’m finally letting go of my hatred for wordpress and all it stands for, and giving it a second chance.

i just figured out how to use this feedburner thing, and it didn’t transfer my pageviews or followers from blogger to here…which is really sad and almost kept me from switching, but it’s a small loss compared to no longer having to lose all my work on a post just because i’m logged into my ciu email. anyways if you were following me through a google account, you have to subscribe to my feed, or in some other way follow this site, if you want to keep following me. still figuring out how that works around here…

you know how when you move into a new house, and you get all your stuff in there, but it’s not unpacked yet?

if you’re one of those lucky kids who lived in the same house all their life, well, i’m jealous for 304 reasons.

either way, that’s how my blog currently is. everything has been trucked from blogger to wordpress, so it’s all here somewhere…it’ll just take some time to get it all organized. categorizing them(they give me SUBCATEGORIES! my chaotic thoughts finally have a home as complicated as they are!), going through and fixing all the links so they point to my posts here rather than my posts on blogger, finding a layout that does exactly what i want it to, learning how to post things…it’ll take a while, but eventually this will look much much better than my old site.

just like moving into a new house always seems like it sucks at first, but after a while, usually, it turns out to have been the best decision.


3 thoughts on “moving day…

  1. Okay, so I got an email notice saying that you posted a new blog, so maybe followers do carry over? Idk. Well, there’s not a thing that I see where I can “follow” you, so that kinda sucks, but hopefully, I’ll still get these emails. But I like how it posts your tweets at the bottom, so I can still “follow” you on twitter, without following you on twitter! yay!

    1. i think when you signed up to get emails from my blogger site, that was connected to my feedburner account, which i switched that feed to here, so now it’ll send you all my posts from there because that’s where the feed points now. so yay!

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