a temporary recommendation of a so-far absolutely wonderful book.

when i find something i like, the first thing i want to do is share it with people. in the case of books, i try to read the whole thing first, because what if i read the first chapter, love it, assume the whole book is that great, tell all my friends to read it, then i finish the book and find that it’s actually awful and should never be opened by anyone ever.

but i love this book too much to keep it to myself. so just imagine a disclaimer removing all responsibility from me for how the last 74% of the book turns out(for once, i didn’t make up a number; my kindle actually says i’ve read 26%).

Don’t Let Me Go is about this 9 year old girl(grace) with a negligent drug addict for a mother, and this 30-something guy(billy) with agoraphobia, and how they help fix each other up. from the description on amazon, i was afraid it might be depressing, but so far it’s been anything but that. the story isn’t about their problems, it’s about the people behind them(and they’re wonderful people), and how each of them experiences grace from the other characters as they go through those problems.
it’s told in third person, but the chapters alternate being told from billy’s perspective and grace’s(i think the big literary word for it would be “limited omniscience;” the author only lets you into one person’s head at a time). not only are they both clever, witty, all-around lovable people, but you can hear the author’s heart too in the way she tells it. first person stories are usually my favorite, but i love that this way i’m getting to know three voices instead of just one. i feel like the author puts parts of herself in each of them. as much as i like when the characters in a story are likable, i really love when i can get to the end and feel like i’d like being friends with the real live person who made them up, and i already feel that way about this even before being halfway done.

i want to go finish the book now. i’ll let you know you if i change my opinion when i’m done.


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