why i write[at night].

i’m so resisting the urge to quote spongebob right now…if you know why, say so in the comments, because we should be friends. =]


i wrote this post my freshman year. my reasons for writing have changed a lot since then, but that isn’t what i’m talking about here.

then i read this tonight. i did agree with it, and there were a good many reasons i hadn’t thought about before, but i have some to add.

1. more people are online at night, hence more people will see when i post something.
again, i know only my mom will see anything anyways, but i do what i can just in case.

2. when i’m too tired to think, i do my best work.
my soccer coach sophomore year told me “no think. play!”(he was from kenya, and he was awesome) and just like in soccer, i can’t write well when i’m thinking too much about it.
so at the end of a long day, instead of going to bed, i open up my computer and pound out my thoughts. i wake up the next morning and read them to find that it’s better than anything i’ve written on purpose, so i publish it.

3. i’m just a night person.
i have been since i was a little kid. i had trouble sleeping because i’d lay in bed and my mind would be so full of things to think about, and since even that long ago i was still the dysfunctionally extroverted person that i am, i’d have to get up and tell my mom about them.
that kind of contradicts #2 up there, but that’s just because college has forced me to get tired at normal person times.

4. i sleep better when i’ve just finished emptying all my thoughts onto a page.
knowing that i’ve finally done something productive with my thoughts, and that i’m no longer the only person thinking about them, is surprisingly relaxing.

since it’s night right now, i’m going to stop writing and go to sleep now. sadly i can’t find the guy who wrote that anywhere…but you can still find jeff goins, so you should check him out.


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