proof that God believes in Aldrin Justice.

two things that anyone who knows me probably knows, and that anyone reading this blog needs to know in order to understand me:

1. i have a slightly obnoxious tendency to relate tv to real life.

2. How I Met Your Mother is my absolute favorite show.

if you don’t watch it, then you don’t know what i’m talking about, so let me explain Aldrin Justice before i tell you how God used it on me.

in season 2, we learn that lilly has her own personal justice system wherein when someone is mean, she takes one of their “toys” and won’t give it back until they learn to be nice(she’s a kindergarten teacher for most of the show, aside from this episode where she gets a job in ted’s office, and she started this idea with her kids but eventually found it works with everyone).

God has been doing this to me recently. in a lot more than just this situation, but it was this morning that made me realize what else he’s been doing.

i get in my car to go back to school, and the tape player(yes, my ghetto car has one of those. i love it) keeps spitting my ipod adapter back out at me. i couldn’t get it to work, but i can’t focus in silence either, so i switch it back to the radio…and it won’t come on.

i decide, ok fine. i need something to keep my mind working, so i guess i’ll just have to pray.

me and God were having a nice talk, and when i was almost to the interstate, i told him “this is the most we’ve talked in a long time…that’s really sad. i don’t wanna only talk to you when i need you to help me drive.”
but i was going down the on ramp by the end of that sentence, so i really needed his help.
after i made it on and over to the middle lane so the crazy drivers coming out of malfunction junction couldn’t squish me,  i said, “ok, thanks God. hey, if i had music right now, i wouldn’t have been thinking about you, and that little fiasco would have been way scarier. did you plan that?”
as he always does when i ask him a question i know the answer to, he didn’t say anything. but you know how sometimes you feel God instead of hearing him? well right as i said that, i got the same feeling that i do when i’m with a friend and i say something stupid and obvious like that and we laugh together. instead of answering, he let me know he was lovingly laughing at me.
i laughed out loud and said “thanks for making my car quiet today.”
and he said “you needed it.” i hadn’t known it, but that was most definitely exactly what i needed.

as soon as i parked at school, i hit the button on the radio one more time just to see if it would work. and it came right on.

in short: i was bad. God took my music. i started being good. God gave it back.

i know that this isn’t always how God works, and i’m not saying you should start trying to overspiritualize every little thing that goes wrong with your day. but for me and my experiential learning style and my love of metaphors, God does use little things like that to teach me things a lot of the time. something that isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but that i’ve let become a distraction, will go missing from my life, and instead of finding that missing thing, i find God. and when i remember that he’s more important, i usually get the small thing back, but even if i don’t, i usually find that i didn’t need it that much.

there will soon be a part 2 to this post about what God might be doing with a bigger thing in my life. i still have a lot of thoughts to get together, and i’m still waiting to hear from the doctor.

annnnnd part 2. =]


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