delicious peace.

i like the times when i’m feeling like life is harder than usual and God points out that he’s still there.
but i’m finding that what i love is when he shows up in the good times. when i haven’t been feeling far away from him or anything, life has been pretty easy, and i don’t necessarily need him to do anything extra-extraordinary for me(as waking me up in the morning, keeping my heart beating and letting my lungs work are already extraordinary enough), but he does, just because he can and he loves me.

i was trying to think of a way to explain this, and at the same time i was searching my kitchen for something to fix up for whatever you call your first meal of the day when you wake up and eat it at lunch time, so of course i came up with a food-related analogy. you may need to think like me for a minute for this story to make sense in your head: i really really love food, and my almost-biggest love language is receiving gifts(a close second to, obviously, physical touch).

my mom makes amazing lasagna. when i know she’s making it for dinner, i’m already happy enough when i walk in the kitchen expecting it, and i don’t need anything else to make me want to hug her and thank her for it.
but when i come in and see homemade garlic bread on the table, it’s like christmas morning. i’ve been so excited about the lasagna, i haven’t even thought to ask if my favorite food group in the world is involved! i would have been totally content with just that, but with the extra surprise, there isn’t a big enough word for “good” to describe it.

and that is what my life feels like right now: all week long, i’ve been looking forward to my metaphorical lasagna, and God surprised me with his metaphorical garlic bread.

this morning on the drive home from a good weekend with my best friend, after i’d already been feeling good about life and God and the whole world for the past week, he served me up one of his unnecessary, but always welcomed and appreciated, extra dollops of goodness.
i was flying down this long country road, thinking about how perfect everything is, and suddenly my heart just filled up with this overwhelming peace. out of nowhere, hadn’t asked for it, hadn’t realized i needed or wanted it.
it was like he said “i know you already know this full well right now, but i just wanted to make absolutely sure you realize that i’m here, i’ve got everything under control, you’re being good, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and i love you more than you’ll ever understand.”
i sat on it for a while, trying to figure out where it came from or why it was there.
then i laughed out loud right there in my car. uncontrollably. for at least ten seconds.

God’s love is just the best stuff ever. better than ice cream, or the beach, or post-it notes OR my mom’s lasagna…and it takes a lot for me to find anything cooler than any of those things. =)


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