the best.

once upon a time, 24 years ago, a wonderful person was born.

close to 19 years later, that wonderful person was the first new person i met on the first day of my first summer working at camp.
camplavida08 323
but at the time, as i walked into cabin 6 and she didn’t say a word to me while i unpacked my stuff, i immediately thought to myself, “she and i won’t ever be close.”
we sort of bonded over the fact that we were the two CITs no one liked, the two that had to beg for people to hang out with on mother-daughter weekends. other than that though, not friends.

the next year, she was suddenly popular. but i thought she didn’t like me. i actually forget why i thought that.
i did get to work next door to her for the last week of the summer, and that was when we each discovered how awesome the other was and decided to become friends. it’s still one of my favorite weeks in history.
hope, remember the robitussin? ;)
camplavida09 420

2010 rolled around. even though we were only third years, that was somehow the top of the food pyramid that summer. suddenly, we were the only ones who could say “remember that time in 2008?” and that tends to bond people.
through that, a week spent as cabin set-mates, a flat tire on the interstate, a lot of drama, and so many other things that we went through together…we became good friends.
camplavida2010 034

2011 was my hard summer. my whole life, i’ve been there for people, but not many of those people will turn around and help me when i need it. i learned that summer that hope is different.
originally, she wasn’t supposed to be at camp that year, but after the first two weeks, God showed me some mercy and brought her back. it was still more difficult than i’d ever imagined camp could be, but hope was there. to this day, i’m pretty sure she understands that time better than anyone else. that was when we became best friends.
camplavida11 057
remember that time i fell? ;)

the hardest summer of my life rolled into the hardest year. thank God, hope isn’t just a “camp friend;” she stuck around for real life. and she saved mine in more than one way that year.

we’ve had a summer and a half since then too…but summers are different now. our friendship isn’t marked by them anymore. camp brought us together, but it isn’t what keeps us together.
hope used to be special because she was my oldest camp friend, the person i’d been through everything with from my first summer, and would have around til my last summer.
but now she’s special because she’s just my best friend.
i’ve got her back, and she has mine.
if i haven’t seen her in two weeks, she’ll drive two hours to see me. if she needs someone to talk to at 1:30am, i’ll pause my studying for finals and answer my phone when she calls.
we tell each other the truth. not that i could lie to her if i tried, but that’s comforting at the end of the day.
we make each other mad sometimes, and we tell each other so…but that’s ok. it’s real life. and we don’t mind.
she can always tell you my facial expressions when i’m wearing sunglasses.
she knows without fail how to make me laugh when i’m in the absolute worst mood possible.
and she’s the only person i’ll trust to order for me in a restaurant.

she is the best friend anyone could ever have. i’m thankful she’s mine. =)


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