why i run.

this year, cross country has been so much harder for some reason.
not that it was ever easy. but i at least enjoyed the challenge last year.
i used to love to hate it. now, i just hate it. and i hate hating it.
last year, running was a fix for everything else. this year, it’s made everything else worse.
but i realized i can change that.
this morning i woke up and decided i want to love it again.
i know that i hadn’t developed asthma yet last year…but that’s not a reason to quit. that’s an explanation as to why “doing my best” means doing less than what my best used to be.

every morning i’ve woken up and asked myself why i’m doing this.

so today, i made a list of answers.
why AM i doing this?

1. to give me motivation for everything else in life.
2. because i need community.
3. so i can share it with scott.
4. because my coach wants me to, and he is the best.
5. to be healthy.
6. so people will know who i am.
7. so i can encourage people.
8. to make my lungs stronger so i can do everything else i love.
9. because people think i can do it.
10. because i hate giving up.
11. because i want to.


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