writing myself to sleep.

i used to write these stream of consciousness type posts all the time, and i just realized that i can’t remember the last time i did.
i usually write them because i’m bored, and i haven’t had time to be bored…but tonight i’m writing because i haven’t written anything good in such a long time, and usually at least one of the thoughts out of these things gives me an idea. also because insomnia is creeping back up on me, and i don’t have time for that right now, and writing helps me sleep.

1. my car is so much like me: small and cute on the outside, a complete mess on the inside. and she complains when she’s told to move fast. every time i get onto the interstate, i understand more how coach feels having to deal with me at practice. =p

2. i hope i’m never sad enough that videos of cute animals won’t cheer me up; i can’t think of a time in my life when that hasn’t worked yet. except maybe when i was so little that youtube wasn’t around.

3. my campers weren’t born when youtube wasn’t around…most of them weren’t even born in the 90s. i’m getting old.

4. i love hanging out with freshmen. not just because my brother is one of them; they’re just fun. and they have time to have fun. they make it so much easier to be a supersenior with all easy classes, while all the first time seniors are too busy to do anything or talk to anyone.

5. and finally, i think i can sleep.


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