part 2: my most perfect friend.

continuation of this.

so, the more that Jesus overflows into my whole life, the more he becomes my best friend.

like any friend that i start hanging out with a lot, i’m starting to think more like he does and care about the same things he does. i’m understanding more how he sees the world. i want to be just like him. i want to tell him everything. i want to be with him all the time.

unlike any friend that i start being around more, he doesn’t make me anxious. i trust all of him. i don’t have to wonder if he’ll get tired of me. i know he isn’t going anywhere. i’m not cautious about what i tell him, because i know he’ll understand it.

like my other best friends, he makes me happy to be myself, because he loves me best that way. he listens patiently when i just need to talk, and knows what to say when i need answers or encouragement. he never lies to me, but always tells the truth in the most loving way imaginable. he’s good at surprising me, and does it often.

and unlike any other friend, he never makes me wonder what he thinks about me. he always listens with his full attention. he knows me better than anyone else and always knows the perfect thing to say to make me feel better. he never hurts me, will never leave me, never has moods where he needs me to not be with him.

not that any of those things are terrible about my “real” friends; they’re just human things. they can’t help them, and neither can i.
and the most beautiful thing about it is that since i have a perfect friend in Jesus, none of those minor imperfections about my human friends bother me.
plus, he makes me want to be an even better friend. i want to show people the best example i can of the kind of friend he is to me, because i want everyone to want that kind of friendship with him.
because unlike anyone in the whole world, i am 100% fine with sharing him.

seriously. he’s the best. give him a try. =)


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