stories about nothing and everything

another group from CIU just got back from costa rica on monday and they’re making me miss it even more.

and that missing-ness has resulted in all of these moments swirling around in my head, so i’m getting them all out by listing them all here for you.
these aren’t even necessarily things i miss; just random memories.

1. the beach and the mountains. i know i say that probably every day, but i’m still not over the fact that a place in the world exists where you can see both at once.
see, here’s a view of the beach from the mountains:
Imageand here you can see the mountains from the beach.
but you have to see it in person. no picture can do either view justice(and we took a LOT of them).

2. rice for breakfast.
if you know me, you know that i absolutely hate rice. but morning was the only time i didn’t have to force myself to eat it here. i’m not sure if the kind we ate then actually tasted different than what we had for every other meal, or if i was just so hungry after sleeping a whole night on an empty stomach(because by dinner time i couldn’t put one bite in my mouth without gagging).

3. smoothies made with totally real fruit, picked just miles away from the shop.
and if you order a coconut smoothie, they’ll give you that plus a whole coconut with a straw in it.

4. ziplining in the jungle.
this was both the most terrifying and most fun thing i’ve ever done. it wasn’t that bad as long as i didn’t look down(we were 1000 feet up at some points), and didn’t hold the cable too tight(which would slow me down too much and make me have to pull myself to the end by hand)…but everyone had fun making fun of my screaming anyways. when i got to the first platform i swung right up to the guy working it, wrapped my arms around him and wouldn’t let go until he unhooked my harness and set my feet down for me. then for the rest of the way all the workers called me “hugging girl.”

5. the only time in my life i’ve ever been truly homesick.
i came down with tonsilitis and a double ear infection two days before we were leaving. i felt so terrible by late afternoon that i had to stay by myself at the hotel while everyone else went to youth group, and i laid there missing the kids because it was my last time to see them, missing my friends because once we went back to school we wouldn’t get to hang out as much, but mostly just wanting to be home because when i’m sick i don’t want to be anywhere else.

6. the worst flight of my life
have you ever been on a plane when you have an ear infection? neither had i until our trip home. it’s awful. my ears already hate planes, but especially flying from charlotte to columbia because the plane is constantly changing elevation(since it’s only a half hour trip).


i’m gonna finish something, dangit.

i just now clicked over to my home page and was honestly shocked to see that i haven’t posted anything in almost two months.

this is because i’ve started so many posts in the time since then that it feels like i’ve been writing something every day. my ADD brain tends to get in these self-involved ruts where it forgets that other people can’t see my thoughts until i publish them.
i have five promising drafts and three more that don’t yet have a point to them. but before i get back to work on them, i just had to write SOMETHING, so…here’s a mostly pointless but slightly interesting little thought that i came to while i was driving home today.

i’m not an introvert; i’m just selfish.
i like watching tv by myself because i don’t like to share the remote.
i like having my own room because i don’t like to clean.
i like driving alone because i want the radio to myself.
even in all the above situations, if there was a perfect kind of person who liked things exactly the same way i do(someone who would let me hold the remote, preferred to live in a mess, and liked every song i like), then i’d still rather have company, because i’m undeniably an extravert…i’m just a picky one. ;)