i’m gonna finish something, dangit.

i just now clicked over to my home page and was honestly shocked to see that i haven’t posted anything in almost two months.

this is because i’ve started so many posts in the time since then that it feels like i’ve been writing something every day. my ADD brain tends to get in these self-involved ruts where it forgets that other people can’t see my thoughts until i publish them.
i have five promising drafts and three more that don’t yet have a point to them. but before i get back to work on them, i just had to write SOMETHING, so…here’s a mostly pointless but slightly interesting little thought that i came to while i was driving home today.

i’m not an introvert; i’m just selfish.
i like watching tv by myself because i don’t like to share the remote.
i like having my own room because i don’t like to clean.
i like driving alone because i want the radio to myself.
even in all the above situations, if there was a perfect kind of person who liked things exactly the same way i do(someone who would let me hold the remote, preferred to live in a mess, and liked every song i like), then i’d still rather have company, because i’m undeniably an extravert…i’m just a picky one. ;)


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