stories about life and God

i really am thankful.

“What if all you were left with today when you got up was what you thanked God for yesterday?”

that quote that everyone’s read twenty times was on my friend’s facebook status this morning. i read it and thought about it.
i’d have my car, and its radio and heater would still work, because i specifically thanked him for both those things on my way home from work.
i’d have my job, and all the same people would work there, because i thanked him for each of them by name.
i’d have all of the blankets on my bed, because last night as i was falling asleep, i didn’t thank God for the bed itself, but i did thank him that i had more blankets that i needed; so maybe by definition, he’d let me keep the bed too.
and i’d still be going on the World Race.
that isn’t much. and if we’re getting technical, i wouldn’t be able to drive my car because i didn’t thank him for my license, which means i also couldn’t get to my job. i couldn’t even have my mom drive me there because i forgot to thank God for her. really i couldn’t go anywhere because i didn’t thank him for clothes or money…so i’d just be living in my car, wrapped up in my blankets.

but as i came to the end of that thought process, i laughed at myself and realized, i don’t care what God takes from me as long as he doesn’t take himself. the only thing i’d be somewhat devastated about is not having my Bible.

all my life i’ve been afraid to lose things and terrified to lose people.
but somewhere along the line, in the last few months, he’s finally become enough. or, i’ve finally realized that he’s always been enough. if i woke up tomorrow with only him, i’d be okay.
i can finally 100% mean it with every bit of me that he means more to me than anything or anyone ever has or ever will, and that’s the most freeing feeling in the world.
and i’m thankful that he understands my ADD heart well enough to know that i AM thankful for all the other things, even if i don’t always verbalize every single one of them every single day. he’s given me too many good gifts for me to remember them all at once. =)


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