what’s so great about Frozen?

maybe it’s the absolutely lovable, never even slightly annoying characters that could entertain a kindergartener just as easily as they could a an adult.
or the songs that don’t get old even after listening to them 67 times.
or the fun story that anyone of any age can understand and enjoy.
or the fact that i’d recommend it to any ultra-conservative homeschool family without a second thought(i honestly don’t know why it wasn’t rated G).
or olaf. oh goodness.

(it really is as great as you’ve heard people say. if you haven’t seen it yet because you think it’s overhyped, or that it’s just another dumb kids’ movie, i promise you’re wrong; i thought the same and got the happiest surprise when i finally gave in and watched it)

BUT while all of the above are wonderful, they aren’t what i love most.

i love that its definition of true love is the same as God’s. “love is putting someone else’s needs before yours!”
i love that there’s a whole song about how finding “the one” doesn’t mean finding someone who has no flaws; we’re all messed up in our own way, and when we love people just as they are, we bring out the best in them.
[minor spoilers]
i love that true, selfless love is the “magic” that solves everything.
i love that it teaches that loving your family is more important than going after the so-called guy of your dreams.
[end spoiler]

and while i’m sure disney didn’t intend for it to be taken this way, if you look for it you can find a pretty beautiful lesson about being who God made us to be.(again, more spoilers ahead)
elsa is afraid of her power because she knows it can hurt people. so she not only refuses to use it, but completely hides herself from the world. she thinks it’s a curse, but really it’s a gift. “there is beauty in it, but also great danger. you must learn to control it.” if she lets fear take over, her powers will go out of control, but if she’s guided by love, she can use them to make beautiful things.(1 john 4:18, anyone?)
we all have some parts of ourselves that we don’t like, that we want to hide, or that we’re afraid to use. but every piece of our story, every thread of our personality, every big or small talent we have, God gave us to use to glorify him and bless other people. so we can let our fear of our gifts make us hold them back, or we can let God’s love move us to use them in the way he created us to.

please watch this brilliant little movie. besides all the deep stuff it’s just plain FUN.


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