five movies, five happy things, and five little big things.

writing is good for me. whenever i go a long time without doing it, i forget that. and whenever i try to start back after a long time, the only thing that comes out of me at first is endless lists. so, here are a few.

movies i can’t go more than thirty days without watching:
1. while you were sleeping
2. the silver linings playbook
3. the blind side
4. easy A
5. frozen(to be fair it’s only been two weeks since i first watched it. however, i’ve watched it eight times in those fourteen days, so i can tell it’s eventually going to belong on this list)
note that these aren’t necessarily my favorites; most of my favorites are too heavy to watch repeatedly. the common theme here is movies that make bad days good and good days better, the kind i feel like watching no matter how i feel that day. there are more on this list; these are just the first five that came to my mind, in no particular order.

things that have never failed and will never fail to make me happy:
1. pictures of cute animals(particularly elephants, monkeys, or husky or corgi puppies)
2. watching the princess bride
3. ice cream
4. krispy kreme donuts
5. moe’s
(i really just love food)

little things about me that are a big deal to know:
1. i can’t live without hugs. lots of people like hugs, but i NEED hugs. i can spend an entire day with people, but i’ll still be lonely if no one touches me the whole day.
2. i really couldn’t date a guy who hated baseball…one who just didn’t care about it is okay, but i wouldn’t be able to deal with someone who thinks something i love so much is stupid. for the same reason, someone who loves golf probably couldn’t stand to be with me either.
3. if you ever want me to stop talking, just put food in front of me.
4. you can never ever sneak up and hug me from behind. or touch me in any way when i can’t see you. the results aren’t funny(or if you do find them funny, we literally can’t be friends).
5. i’m the world’s best secret keeper.


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