you cry until you laugh.

you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re standing in the middle of the baking aisle at walmart crying your eyes out.

in my defense[janitor man giving me the stink eye, please take note]:
1-daniel had been on my list of people to make finals week brownies for, and that’s what i was shopping for.
2-the song playing through the store happened to perfectly fit everything i’ve been feeling all week.
3-me and daniel’s first bonding moment was when we made these same brownies for the first soccer game of the year.

so, yeah. all of that, right after yet another night spent crying with the team…it all made me very glad that no one else is in walmart at 11pm, especially no one i know.

the good thing was that after i finished crying, i proceeded to laugh uncontrollably at myself for maybe 30 seconds. that’s probably progress.
it really was hilarious to realize i was basically performing a cliche scene from every melodramatic Lifetime movie ever. i’m laughing again just writing about it.

you have to hit rock bottom to know which way to swim.
but i’m still too tired to swim, so i think i’ll just lay here for a while. at least i have plenty of friends down here with me.


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