i’m just the same.

some people my age can’t stand to look at pictures of themselves from high school.
me, i just laugh because i look exactly the same. (case in point, my profile picture on my blog for the World Race was taken four years ago, but no one can tell)

similarly, some people cringe when they reread their old journals or blogs or facebook posts.
i don’t. mine make me smile.

i realized today that this is because i still sound like myself. i can read a post from 2010 and one from last month, and if i didn’t look at the dates i might forget when either was written.

i have the same writer’s voice and find the same things funny. i process things the same way.
the things i write about may be slightly different(i used to write a lot about movies and what i thought about them, now i write more about normal life and what i’ve learned from it), but the way i write about them is the same.

once i read a blog about blogging, and it suggested occasionally changing up the way you write.
but that won’t happen unless i change the way i talk and think.
one of my favorite compliments is when people say, “you write just like you talk!” or “i could hear you saying all of that as i read it!”

i want to write in a way that lets people know me. those are my favorite kinds of blogs to read, and i never want to write something that i wouldn’t like reading myself.
and so i stay the same.

who knows. someday when i’ve published a book, maybe someone will meet me in real life and say, “you talk just like you write!”


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