18 months later…

Writing on this blog has always felt like talking to myself. But I’ve never had a problem listening to myself.

My last post here was written 18 months and 4 days ago, and the only reason I came back then was because horrible things happened that had nothing to do with the World Race, so I came here to write about them.

Then I left the country for eleven months to follow Jesus through eleven other countries. So I had this blog that they gave me to write on.
That was the best and most difficult year of my life. I’ve been home for almost seven months now, but I kept writing there because most of my thoughts had to do with processing all my feelings about transitioning home.

Writing is how my heart breathes. I always forget that until I start writing again and suddenly feel like I’ve just come up for air after staying underwater for too long.
Writing also makes me feel things. And I haven’t been a fan of feelings since coming home; I’ve been too busy pretending I don’t have any. I felt enough on the World Race to where I didn’t want to feel anything for about four years. Which is why I haven’t written much of anything since May.

I’m going to fix that. So here I am.
As usual there won’t be any singular theme. I just think things and write about them and hope they help someone, or make someone laugh or think or in some other way make their day better because they read it.


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