Day 1: Me and Not Me.

I’ve never met a plan that I didn’t want to change, so I didn’t like any of the 31 day blogging lists I found on Pinterest. There were plenty with a handful of ideas I liked, but no single list I wanted to commit to.
All of them had the same prompt for Day 1, an intro with a recent photo. I thought that was practical but dull…so this is a list of who I am and who I’m not.

This is me.
bolivia 011

I love Jesus.
He loved me first.

I’m a people person.
If I have the choice, I’ll never choose to be alone.

I’m very loud.
I do have an inside voice…I just rarely remember to use it. I appreciate it when people calmly point out that I’m yelling, because I don’t usually realize it until someone says so.

I love books,
and have since before I could read them. When I was two I would grab a big stack of books, take one and flip through every page of it, then toss it aside and repeat with the next one.

I’m a middle child,
and if you read any description of them anywhere, it fits me like a glove.

I’m easily bored
but just as easily entertained.

I’m obsessed with personality tests.
I’m an ESFP on the Myers-Briggs, a 7 with an 8 wing on the Enneagram, an Orange on that color one whose name I don’t know, a D on the DISC, and my love language is physical touch. If I’ve spent any amount of time with you I’ve probably figured all of yours out too.(If you know of any types I didn’t mention, new ones make my day!)

I LOVE card games.
All kinds of games, but cards are my favorites. Teach me a new one and we’ll instantly be friends.

instagram best nine 2015 (2)
There wasn’t a Christmas morning in my life that made me happier than the day I finally got to see the Red Sox in real life.

This is not me.
There are plenty of photos of people who aren’t me; pick the most ironic one you can imagine and picture it here. Personally I’d probably choose one of the Kardashians.


I am not an introvert.
As much as I’ve tried to be one, I truly just have no need for alone time. Sometimes I’d rather have a couple people around instead of a big group, but that’s it.

I don’t have or want a smartphone.
I’m perfectly happy with my flip phone and the iPod I’ve had for eight years. I do have a tablet, but even then I’d prefer my laptop with its real keyboard.

I am not a morning person.
I can make myself function early when I really have to(I got up at 5:30am all the time when I ran cross country in college and have no idea how I did it), but I’ll never be one of those people who gets up at 7 without an alarm and has half their to-do list accomplished before 10. I can barely even talk before 10.

I don’t like the Beatles.
I’ve tried…I haven’t found a single song that doesn’t drive me crazy.

I’m not a planner.
In college I’d make schedules and never follow them, so eventually I just gave up and did things my way and still ended up with a diploma.

I can’t survive in cold weather.
By “cold” I mean less than 60 outside or less than 70 inside. My sister-in-law insists that I’m chronically ill, but I’m just southern.

I don’t like to not like things.
As you may have gathered from the fact that I’ve tried to like most of those above things I mentioned. Chocolate, guacamole, and Parks and Recreation are some other dislikes that I’ve put in solid efforts to change.

And that’s a bit of me. I don’t quite fit in a nutshell, but I’m claustrophobic anyway, so I don’t mind.


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