Day 3: Favorite countries.

10. Peru
Deserts are fascinating.
9. Bolivia
No picture will ever do these snow-capped mountains or Lake Titicaca justice. This mountain was the first thing I saw coming out of the airport, and after I picked my jaw up off the ground, I said, “It’s so big it doesn’t even look real.” But it was real and it was huge and I lived there.
bolivia 059
bolivia 055
8. Malaysia
I spent Christmas Eve on the beach and it was perfect.
7. Zambia/Zimbabwe
I’m lumping the two together because the only way I saw both was walking over Victoria Falls…so I didn’t experience enough of either to see much of a difference. But what I saw was BEAUTIFUL.
6. Japan
Of all the big cities I visited, Osaka was far and away the best. This was my view walking to ministry every day.
japan 006
5. Ecuador
Mindo is a tiny mountainous corner of heaven.
ecuador 011
4. Cambodia
See reasons for Thailand but to a slightly lesser degree. And the people there are the happiest I’ve ever met.
3. Thailand
So much water, so much green stuff, so many elephant-shaped mountains. I couldn’t look anywhere without seeing something beautiful.
2. South Africa
More mountains, more water, and ANIMALS. I hugged a giraffe and pet a lion cub.
1. Costa Rica
I occasionally wonder if I only love it so much because it’s the first place I ever went outside of America…but then I look at pictures like this and remember there’s no way it will ever be beaten.


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