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Day 7: My phone isn’t smart and that’s why I like it.

I still have a flip phone. His name is Charlie(or Charles when I can’t find him). He has a 2 megapixel camera and that’s the fanciest thing about him.
He sends texts. He receives texts. He even CALLS people.
He is a phone and only a phone. I love that and never plan on trading him.

I only have to charge him once every ten days or so. The only downside is that if I take a trip and forget my charger, none of my friends have one I can borrow that fits.
If someone sends me a Facebook message, they’ll have to wait til I get home and open my computer, because I can’t check them 24/7. I love that, because I’d rather them text me anyways.
I really prefer T9 to a full keyboard and I absolutely can’t stand touchscreens.
Facebook makes my depression itch, so it’s not at all healthy for me to have twice as much temptation to mindlessly scroll through my friends’ perfect lives, or check to see if more people liked my recent attempt at a witty status.
If I’m out to dinner with friends, I’m the obnoxious friend telling everyone else to get off their phones and talk to the people at the table, because my phone can’t do anything fun like theirs.
I can drop my phone five times a day(and I usually do)and it won’t break. And if I lose it(which I have twice; so there was a Charlie Jr and now I have Charlie III), it only costs me fifteen bucks to replace it.

Until AT&T decides to force me to upgrade, I am never getting a $400 box with the internet in it.

My thoughts were sparked by this article.
And this study on what our phones say about us is fascinating. Scary and a little sad, but fascinating.


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