Day 8: Now.

It’s Friday. I love Fridays and I hate them.
I hate them because they’re unpredictable; either everyone’s craving Moe’s or everyone’s going someplace else, or there are kids on class field trips all coming in to eat at once, or there are three dinner caterings going out at 4pm leaving just me and the manager to watch the store for the last hour until the night crew clocks in.
I love them because at 5pm I’m done for 66 hours. My first thought when I’m driving home is “I get to sleep in tomorrow. Whenever I choose to get in my bed, I have absolutely no rules for when I’ll be getting out of it.”

Right now I’m bouncing between episodes of Parenthood and New Girl because both had new seasons released this week and I’ve been waiting months and months for both.
I can never have a job where I do exactly the same thing every day. I get restless when they keep me in the same position for a week at Moe’s; I’d never survive in a desk job where I answered the same kind of phone calls or did the same thing on a computer day in and day out.

(I’m about to spoil Parenthood) I’d rather Zeek stay alive and Joel and Julia stay divorced, than Joel and Julia get back together and Zeek die. I think. Both suck. I’m far too involved in this show.
(end spoiler)

I didn’t know whether I was allowed to say this at the beginning, so I waited til the end to mention that I searched for blog prompts and this one said to write an entire post in the present tense, so that’s what I just did. It was hard and I don’t sound like myself and I probably won’t do it again.


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