Day 9: Baseball.

“Basketball may be the bigger money-making operation, but it will never replace the subtle beauty that is baseball. Ever.” I’m so happy to have new Parenthood episodes.

I’ve loved baseball since I knew what it was. Every October when I was a kid, I would ask to watch the games instead of hearing a bedtime story, beg to stay up for one more inning, and one more, until finally my mom would make my dad make me go to bed. The next morning I couldn’t wait for my dad to call on his lunch break so I could ask what the final score was; I’d always ask my mom as soon as I woke up, but she never remembered.
I played softball for a year but remember almost nothing about it except that I was really bad at it and my coaches didn’t play me much. Second base was my favorite but I was always in right field, or on a really lucky day, they’d put me in left. Once, only once, they let me play center. And in our last scrimmage ever I got to play catcher. I loved it, but I quit playing right after that.

I can’t remember when, why, or how I picked the Red Sox as my team…but I also can’t remember ever not loving them. I remember the 2003 ALCS, when we played the Yankees(my dad’s team), and game 7 went to 11 innings and I had to go to bed in the middle of the 9th…but I was so sure we were going to win. Then I woke up the next morning and my mom looks at me with her “I’m about to deliver bad news” face and says “The Yankees won.”
I didn’t even know that it had been 85 years since we’d won; I just knew I’d never seen them win.
The next year when we were on the exact same stage(playing the Yankees in the ALCS after getting in on the wild card), my dad, who’s a logical naysayer would tell me every night that there was no way the Red Sox could win. And every night he got more annoyed at my promising that my guys would pull through for me.
I went to bed after the 7th inning of game 3 and it was 17-8 and I still insisted we would come back.
I didn’t know that no other team in baseball history had ever won a 7 game series after being down 3; I just knew I couldn’t stand for my dad to be right.
And he was wrong.
You know the rest. Or maybe you don’t, but basically we won the next eight games in a row. We beat back the Yankees and we ate the Cardinals for dessert.

I’ve tried really hard to love football, and I tried basketball once(by which I mean I made a bracket and every two weeks I checked the winners, because I was living in a hut in Swaziland and had to take an hour bus into town to get internet), but baseball was and is the first and only sport I’ve ever loved.

83 days, yall!


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