Day 9 bonus post: I’ve been misjudging Eeyore my whole life.

I’ve always talked really mean about Eeyore.
That makes it sound like I frequently bring up Winnie the Pooh’s friends in conversation and maybe I should start over.

I’ve never liked Eeyore. Really I’ve never been a huge Pooh fan in general, even as a kid, and as an adult I’ve just made fun of the fact that every character is an illustration for a mental illness. Not exactly “made fun of,” more just pointed out the fact that kids would never notice it but once you grow up and think about it all of it becomes so obvious and that part is funny. Depression and OCD and mania and schizophrenia aren’t funny in and of themselves. I’m defending myself and forgetting that literally no one is reading this. Moving on. Where were we? Right, I’m not an Eeyore aficionado.

But I found this just now…


…and now I love him. Because I so appreciate the people who do that for me when I’m in an episode.

Things like this are beautiful.


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