Day 11: 11 scattered thoughts.

1. Whenever I park my car next to another Hyundai, I always imagine them talking to each other when I’ve walked away.
2. I have to always drive a small car because I’m bad at parking. Sometimes this stresses me out because someday I’ll be a mom, and I want more than three kids, so I’ll have to learn to drive something with more than five seats.
3. I’m far too much of a forward thinker.
4. It’s hard to hate Clemson when so many of my friends love them and are so sad that they just lost.
5. America has no patience. You realize this the most when you work in food service.
6. I didn’t like ranch for the first 24 years of my life and now I do, so maybe one day my tastebuds will change and I’ll like chocolate.
7. WordPress says that “tastebuds” is not all one word. But it also says that “wordpress” is not a word, so I’m not paying attention to them.
8. I’m praying so hard for it to rain in Pennsylvania on Groundhog Day, so that Punxatawney Phil won’t have a shadow to see and therefore spring will come early. I’m so done with being cold.
9. When people look through my playlists on my iPod I sort of feel like they’re reading my diary and I almost want to tell them to stop. I have 54 of them. Someday I’ll write an entire blog post just about that.
10. I love babies and I love teenagers. I’m only okay with 3-11 year olds when someone else is in charge of them.
11. I’ll never get tired of watching Jennifer Lawrence win things.


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