Day 16: Time.

Time rarely flies for me and life has never felt short. I feel like I should be about forty and I’m only twenty-four. I’m fully okay with that; I just don’t relate when people say their lives have gone by in a second.
I don’t often say things like “that feels like yesterday” referring to four years ago.
It probably has something to do with how ADHD brains process things so much faster than everyone else.

Time moves fastest when my life is mundane and empty and predictable.
Time doesn’t fly when I’m having fun; it slows down when it’s full of things to look forward to.

But five minutes sure flies when it’s supposed to be all I have to write about this prompt.
Everyone should see Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. That’s what’s distracting me while I try to make words come out of my fingers, and it’s totally worth it.


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