Day 18: Scattered thoughts on Inside Out.

Inside Out is the most brilliant thing Pixar has ever created. It took twenty years but Toy Story has finally been knocked off its throne in my mind.

I was a psych major for five minutes in college, and still love learning about it even though I wasn’t smart enough to get a degree in it. Take shiny cartoon characters and have them talk about how the brain works and I’m in.

Everyone in the world has seen it by now, but just in case you aren’t everyone, be warned that I’m about to spoil it mercilessly.

Whenever I hit a speed bump and trip into depression for a little while, I’ll imagine that my Joy is just lost in my long-term memory and will find her way back soon. Maybe she’s stuck way back in my brain, hanging out with my imaginary family of talking squirrels that I killed off when I was seven(I imagined they jumped out of our car and got run over by a school bus).

Everyone should be a little more like Sadness. Sometimes you just have to let people be sad. Including yourself.

Multicolored memories are beautiful. None of my five core memories would be all one color.

I don’t think our personality islands ever stop crumbling and changing. Maybe they don’t all go out at once like Riley’s, but one by one over years. And I think not all of our islands are good things like Riley’s and we hopefully grow out of the bad ones. Selfish island. Anorexic Island. Never-thinks-before-she-talks Island. I’m looking forward to the day Depression Island falls into the dump.

I’ve never woken up because something in a dream made me laugh. I taught myself as a kid to wake up when dreams got too scary. And my dreams are rarely if ever a recap of my day like Riley’s; I think my dream producing feelings have ADD just like the rest of my brain.

“I found a shortcut! See, D-A-N-G-E-R, shortcut!” I cried plenty of other tears throughout the movie, but that line makes me cry from laughing every time.

A review I read in Psychology Today said “although it appeals largely to a younger audience” and I completely disagree. The first time I saw it, I said when I have kids I might not even show it to them until they’re a little older, not because it’s at all inappropriate but simply because they might not get it. But after watching it a second time and reading more reviews, I decided this is one of those brilliant movies that you can watch over and over again all your life, and the older you get the more you love it.

Now I’m off to watch it a third time so I can love it even more.


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