Day 21: I don’t miss Facebook but I miss warm weather.

Those two statements aren’t related in any way except that I miss one and don’t miss the other.
(What’s the difference between “related” and “correlated”? What I’m really asking is would it have mattered which word I used in that first sentence? I switched it and it sounded the same so now I’m wondering)

Facebook makes me lonely. I’m still lonely without it, but at least I don’t feel like the only lonely person in the world. Instead of binging on New Girl and thinking about how all my friends have lives and I don’t…I’m just binging on New Girl. And probably reading a book, because I can never watch TV without multitasking. I read more books when I’m not reading people’s arguments about politics. I get all the political news I need from Jimmy Fallon every night anyways.
Once I come back on February 1st I’m only going to check it once or twice a week, because I like that I’ve broken the habit and don’t want to get back into it. It had gotten terrible.

I lived in the mountains in Bolivia, in their coldest month of the year, in a house with no heat. It was about 50 degrees inside all the time, and outside it was in the 40s during the day and the 20s at night. It snowed the day after my birthday. That’s in July. I slept in two long sleeve shirts, a hoodie, and leggings under my pajama pants, inside a 45 degree sleeping bag, under four blankets, and still shivered every night.
I lived in Southeast Asia in two different houses with no air conditioning. It was 80-90 degrees during the day and maybe 70s at night, with around 80% humidity always. I got sunburned on my brother’s birthday. That’s in January.
So I’ve definitely had enough experience in extreme temperatures to say with authority that I prefer extreme heat over extreme cold.
I hate the cold. I always have, and I know I always will, and when we were leaving Bolivia and I was rejoicing about leaving the cold, everyone said “You’ll miss this when we get to the really hot countries” and I promised I wouldn’t and I was right. Even as I laid on my sleeping pad with sweat dripping down my back I’d thank God that I wasn’t cold. No amount of heat will ever make me wish I was cold.
Now, both extremes make me wish for the year round idyllic weather in Ecuador(70s in the daytime, 60s at night, little to no humidity, almost always with a light breeze), but that’s never an acceptable answer to “would you rather be hot or cold?” Hot, always hot.

All that to say, I’m praying very hard for a rainy day in Pennsylvania on Groundhog Day, because in the rain it’ll be impossible for Phil to see his shadow. He won’t have one. Then I’ll get to wear Chacos six weeks sooner.
When I got my Christmas boots I wished it was cold enough to wear them. My feet want to murder me for that because I got my wish.

It’s not even February and I’ve already done my taxes. I’d feel productive, but instead it’s making me think if I can do that right away then why can’t I put away my mountain of laundry before it’s time to do another load. Then I remind myself that I also like chipotle ranch even though I don’t like ranch or spicy things, so living out contradictions is just my thing.
I’m hilarious.

Edit: I googled it and I think “related” was right. Though the definition I found still confused me.


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