Day 23: A cold story and a tired story.

Yesterday when I wrote all those happy stories, I’d originally planned on writing about a lot of “-est”s I’d ever been, but other than happy, I could only think of the coldest and tiredest. So I wrote about those five happiests instead…but I really really like these two stories about being cold and tired and want them to still be published. I also just wanted to make my job really really easy for the day, so all I have to write today is this paragraph introducing what I already wrote yesterday, because I’m both conniving and lazy.

Last February when I had typhoid. I’d get out of bed to go to the bathroom and by the time I got to the door I’d feel like I’d run two miles. By the time I made it back to my bed(meaning, my sleeping pad on the floor), I’d almost literally be asleep before my head hit my pillow. It was the only time in Asia that I lost any weight, because eating was so exhausting(sitting up, holding a fork, chewing, swallowing, all of it took a stupid amount of energy).
The story of how I discovered the typhoid is one of my funniest stories from the whole eleven months. I wrote about it here if you’ve never heard it.

Coldest: Either
1)Once on a youth retreat, we thought it would be fun to swing on this rope into the freezing cold lake(it was March and we were up in the mountains). If I hadn’t had on a life jacket I would have drowned, because as soon as I hit the water I was so numb it felt like my heart stopped. So for a minute I just sat there in the water unable to think, much less swim to the shore, until I registered that everyone was yelling for me to swim.
But the flying through the air was fun, and everyone else was just as cold as me, so it’s actually one of my favorite youth group memories.

ridgehaven2010 197
Six years ago…

2)Every minute of July 4-25th 2014. Bolivia. I already wrote about it yesterday.

bolivia 008
Freezing together.




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