Tiny things that bring me gigantic joy

1. Pronouncing the word “gigantic” the way Matthew did when he was little
2. Yellow highlighters
3. When friends who aren’t huggers choose to give me an unprovoked hug
4. Reading a book I’ve read so many times that I’ve mostly memorized it
5. Reading a brand new book that can’t be put down
6. When it’s warm enough to sleep barefoot but cool enough to still need my comforter
7. Cats on the internet
8. Dogs anywhere
9. Babies observing smaller babies
10. Customers who will hate on Chipotle with me
11. The old vegetarian couple who come in multiple times a week
12. Making lists
13. Tuesday nights
14. Immediately getting a reply when I text someone
15. Dr Seuss
16. Baths
17. Sidewalk chalk
18. Sunrises
19. Waking up on rainy mornings when I have nowhere to go
20. Sleeping in
21. Going to the movies by myself
22. The Oh Hellos
23. Moe’s queso
24. Playlists that tell stories
25. The smell of a campfire
26. Wearing other people’s hoodies
27. Silence
28. Stars
29. Riding in cars at night
30. Eating cereal at odd hours
31. Meeting other people who still have a flip phone
32. Getting in bed when I’ve just washed my sheets
33. Seabird
34. Scott coming home when he didn’t plan it
35. #ThankYouNoteFridays


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